Free Bee Removal in Calgary

My name is David, and I’m a licensed & registered beekeeper in Calgary, AB.

Got Bees?

If you've found a 'ball of bees', call or text me ASAP (Text a pic!)

When a colony of honey bees has grown beyond the capacity of their hive, the queen leaves the hive with roughly half of the workers and leaves behind a new queen and the other half of the workers. This is called a "swarm", which occur mostly in spring and early summer when a colony is growing and they need more space. Swarms are the natural way that bees use to ensure the survival of the species.

Prior to settling into a new home, these swarms will sometimes gather in a cluster, often in a tree. These swarms of bees are no threat to humans. They are simply trying to find a new home. Swarms don't care about you, unless they feel threatened.

In fact, all of those bees filled (filled!) their bellies with honey before setting out on the trip, and so not only are they not looking for trouble, they're also sluggish because of the extra weight they're carrying.

Swarm colonies are the start of a brand new independant colony. Unfortunately, with our extreme winters, they won't survive unless they find (or are put into) a suitable home, but beware; Capturing a swarm is not for the faint of heart.

If you know of a swarm; I will remove the bees in a safe manner. Not only will you not pay anything, you'll get some free honey out of the deal too.

Just call or text me: .

Are they already settled?

No problem, I may still be able to help - It's just not as urgent. Call or Text and if I can remove the bees in a safe manner, you'll still get honey!

Depending on the complexity, the removal may require more planning or I may not be equiped to handle it. Text me some pictures and we can discuss the situation.

Are you sure they're honey bees?

If it’s hairless, it’s a wasp/hornet. (call these fine folks)
Is the nest round/egg-shaped, and paper-like? wasps/hornets again!
If it’s very furry with hunched shoulders, it’s a bumblebee. (harmless!)
If it’s slightly furry, with a long tube-like shape, then it’s a honey bee!:

Honey Bee Bumble Bee Wasp Hornet
Honey bee Bumblebee Wasp Hornet
Appearance Fuzzy Very fuzzy Very slick; not fuzzy
Polination Expert polinator Expert polinator Not a polinator
Nest Location Trees, walls, boxes, etc Usually in the ground In trees, on buildings, underground, wall voids
Nest type Wax "Clumps of eggs stuck together with goo" Usually paper-like
Stinging Can only sting once Can sting over
and over again
Do sting over
and over again
Likelyhood to sting Only if they feel threatened Rarely ever stings Stings without warning or reason
Diet Feed on nectar and pollen. Feed on nectar and pollen. Feed on other insects,
nectar and fruit.
Demeanor Curious Lazy, almost drunk Jerks Assholes
How best
to handle
Call or
Text Me!

Just leave
them be
Burn them. Burn them
all, straight to hell! ;)
(I recommend these folks)

Just call or text me

When you contact me, I will need at least one photo or video of the bees. I will also want to know:

  • Location in the city of the swarm (address, or at least area of the city)
  • Location on the property of the swarm (on the ground, in a tree, in a roof, etc?)